Rope Running Out by Raf Antonio


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Rope Running Out by Raf Antonio

An intimate portrait of queer love, 'Rope Running Out' follows Nacio, a struggling photographer, and his partner, Félix, an accomplished musician, as they navigate their uneven careers and open relationship. 

When a drifter from Nacio's past appears, his long-held notions of intimacy are challenged and he must make a decision: stay bound to the world he knows or let go completely. 

"Regardless of your orientation, preferences, identity, or relationship status, Antonio's script fleshes out essential questions about love and relationships in new ways that inspire critical and productive reflection. NNNN!" - Jordan Bimm, Now Magazine.



Toronto, Latin, Latinx, queer, gay, LGBTQ, love, sex, open relationship, polyamory, photography, intimacy


Male Cast: 3

Run Time: 90 minutes

Pages: 85