Robin Hood: The Great Escape by Andrea Boyd and Laura Teasdale


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Robin Hood: The Great Escape by Andrea Boyd and Laura Teasdale

It’s the day of the famous archery competition, and Robin can’t resist the allure of the prize: A Golden Arrow. But can he outwit the Sheriff of Nottingham? With a gender-swapped cast and surprising cultural twists, this action-adventure romp combines broad humour with bold ideas.This modern version of Robin Hood is at once familiar and surprising. The play is a celebration of identity with gender-swapped roles, cultural and sexual diversity, including a title character who is a second-generation immigrant from India, and a queer Will Scarlett. The tone of the play is action-adventure, with plenty of pathos and humour, and explores themes of justice, marginalization, chosen family, feminism, the role of government and the justifiable use of violence.It was written as a promenade-style production to take place outdoors, but can be done inside a theatre as well. The interior 5 scenes can be played in any order.

First produced by Festival Antigonish Summer Theatre, 2021

Keywords: family inclusive diverse women justice fun funny famous legend

Genre: Comedy
Acts: 1
Run time: 90 minutes
Suitable for students 12+

Cast size: 20 actors
Casting note:  There are 10 principal characters, and 16 small roles. Doubling is possible.
Most are adults, and there are a couple of roles for younger actors.
Robin is from India. Tuck is a Buddhist monk from Sumatra. Will Scarlett and his boyfriend Bram are queer."The co-writers go for a racy and a woke script in broad, comedic strokes with Shakespearean-style sexual innuendo and a contemporary mindset of feminism, inclusion, diversity and non-heterosexual love. The story's timeless focus on injustice and the iron rule of tyrants echoes Trump and evil lords, past and present."-Ellisa Barnard, NS Reviews