Ride by Alexis Diamond


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In this TYA musical, when 10-year-old Kate Fiddlewaddle gets hit by a car on her bicycle, a nasty concussion makes her see the world in a whole new way. Kate presents her vision of a car-free world at the school science fair, winning out over her arch-rival, the talented car fanatic Frankie Frisco. Kate's fervour - and the publicity - attracts the attention of the local environmentalist movement, while Frankie's obsession piques the interest of the auto industry. The children's rivalry escalates into a political clash of adult proportions. Their science fair projects bring them to the National Science Fair for the final showdown. Which view (and mode of transportation) will win? Only the Prime Minister of Canada can be the judge ...

Year Printed: 2012

Running TIme: 60 minutes

Acts: 1

Male Cast: 5
Female Cast: 4
Other Cast: 2

Composer: Nick Carpenter

Music available upon request.