Rick: The Rick Hansen Story by Dennis Foon


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Rick: The Rick Hansen Story by Dennis Foon

How do you tell the story of a living legend? Rick Hansen has done so many amazing things - wheeled 40,000 miles around the world, created an amazing foundation and a spinal cord research centre. He's larger than life. This is the story of what made him. What happened to him as a teen growing up in Williams Lake, BC, and the accident that changed his life - and the life of his best friend, Don, who was with him at the time but landed without a scratch. This is the story of how Rick overcame his incredible challenge - and helped Don overcome his.

Produced by Manitoba Theatre for Young People, 2010

Keywords: Rick Hansen, wheelchair, athlete, disabilities, friendship, motivation, Canadian hero, human rights, achievement
Genre: Drama
Run time: 55 minutes
Acts: 2
Cast size: 4
Male roles: 3
Female roles: 1
Doubled roles: 8
Suitable for students 14+

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