The Return of the Loony: A Birdie French Radio Mystery by Rose Scollard


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It was like a bad, made-for-TV movie. There were two of them - one large and beefy, one short and frail. Mutt and Jeff in black coveralls and gloves and black balaclavas. They looked ridiculous. They sounded ridiculous. Except no one was laughing. Their weapons looked very automatic and very deadly. They made us get on the floor face down. All of us except Kerby. The big one grabbed his arm and when he started to protest slapped him sharply on the side of the head with his gun. They they rushed Kerby out of the room and out the front door...

Keywords: Betrayal, woman detective, animal rights demonstrations

Suitable for School Performances: Students age 16+

Year Printed: 2014
First produced in 1993 by CBC Radio.

Running Time: 30 minutes

Acts: 1

Male Cast: 5
Female Cast: 4