Renovations for Six by Norm Foster


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Renovations for Six by Norm Foster

Shayna and Grant Perkins are new in town. Eager to make friends the young couple decide to host a dinner party. The guest list includes Billie and Wing Falterman who abandoned their song-and-dance act and show biz to raise their daughter. Rounding out the party are haughty psychiatrist Veronica Dunn-Dudet and her husband Maurice Dudet, an engineer who has left his high-paying job to write a novel. All three couples are undergoing house renovations and could use a little fix-up in their relationships too! All hell breaks loose at the dinner party in this fast-paced comedy as secrets are revealed and cultures clash.


First performed professionally at The Norm Foster Festival, St. Catharines, ON.

Cast: 6 actors

Female Roles: 3

Male Roles: 3

Number of pages: 92