Reflections by Tom Slater


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Reflections is a realistic look at teenage smoking and peer pressure. The play follows the lives of four teenage students through their grade nine year. Sabrina, Kellie, David and Larry have grown up as friends, but in high school everything changes. In order to fit in with the “cool” crowd, Sabrina starts smoking, a habit she started in elementary school. This eventually leads to other problems, like cutting classes, drinking and drugs. She, in turn, pressures Kellie, a dancer, into smoking. David, however, is firmly set against smoking because his father is dying from lung cancer. Meanwhile, Larry is dealing with his own personal problems at home while, at the same time, trying to keep his group of friends from breaking up.
In this play, these old friends come to see each other in new terms and learn to redefine their relationships. With humour and pathos, this journey offers audiences the chance to examine some of their own values and personal judgements.

Audience Age: Theatre for Teen Audiences

Suitable for School Performances: Students age 12+

Year Printed: 2011
First produced in 1996 at Fox Theatre, Guelph, ON.

Running Time: 45 minutes

Acts: 1

Male Cast: 5
Female Cast: 4