Reality Theatre: A Collection by Julia Lederer


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8 short plays. 4 storylines. 1 hour.
REALITY THEATRE is a completed whole with extractable parts, written for audiences with decreasing attention spans and a desire to laugh. 
Think ALL IN THE TIMING meets BLACKMIRROR, with a bit of WAITING FOR GUFFMAN for good measure. 

Reality and fantasy blur for a woman typecast as a spoon in BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. 
A man grapples with how to tell his best friend about the contract he once signed in blood in exchange for eternal youth. 
People stare at each other for entertainment instead of watching reality television. Airbnb opens up a branches in outer-space. 
The internet evaporates into thin air. 

A fast moving collection that explores our anxieties about change, the acceleration of technology, and maintaining human relationships in a world quickly becoming less and less human. 

It can be performed as a whole by three to nine actors, or one-act plays for one to three actors of varying lengths can be performed individually or in pairs. Each story-line has two parts.

"Julia Lederer’s plays are full of off-the-wall observations and imagination and Reality Theatre is the latest example... Intriguing. Recommended." - Lynn Slotkin, The Slotkin Letter

"I wish I would have written down some of Lederer's one liners - her witty writing had me laughing the entire play." - Taylor Long, Broadway World Toronto (SummerWorks Production).

Keywords: time, theatre, Beauty and the Beast, technology, internet, absurd, comedy, Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde, art, aging

Year Printed: 2017
First Produced: August 3rd-13th 2017, SummerWorks Performance Festival, Toronto, ON.

Running Time: 60 minutes

Male Cast: 1
Female Cast: 2

Double Cast:3

Casting Notes: The full collection can be performed by 3-9 actors.

Suitable for School Productions: Students 12+

Maximum Number of Roles: 9

Minimum Number of Roles: 3