Rattled by Claire Holland


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Rattled by Claire Holland

Lena’s having a baby shower. Her best friend Paige, childless by choice, is considering a move across the country but struggles to share the news with Lena whose newly-minted mommy status has left her preoccupied. Co-host of the party, Michelle- single and situationally infertile at forty- is doing her best to put on a brave face but finds herself at a crossroads. As games are played and presents are opened, friendships are tested and identities are challenged, making for an awkward afternoon.

Produced at Tarragon Theatre Extra Space, Toronto ON, 2016

Keywords: childlessness, all female cast, women, friendship, ensemble, fertility, baby, dramedy, research informed

Genre: Dramedy
Acts: 1
Run time: 60 minutes
Content note: There is a brief mention of a miscarriage.

Cast size: 7 actors
Female roles: 7
Casting note: Colour conscious casting is encouraged.
"To breed or not to breed? Choices, identity and divisions – funny ‘cuz it’s true in poignant, reflective Rattled."