Radioland '48 by Kirsten Van Ritzen


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Radioland '48 by Kirsten Van Ritzen

It’s 1948 and a radio station is about to be closed forever. The employees of CHLO desperately try to save their studio with a marathon broadcast of a loopy serial, as romance blossoms between a pair of naïve ingenues and a couple of cynical careerists. This hilarious one-act romp is an homage to screwball romantic comedies with a contemporary twist.

Cast: four actors plus voice-over roles that can be pre-recorded by the cast or local celebrities.
Set: the action primarily takes place in the radio station's recording studio; a small office and a pub around the corner can be suggested.

Keywords: radio, broadcasting, serial, foley cart, dames, broads, farce, screwball comedy, romance, voiceover, news, historical, 1940, Hepburn, Tracey, mermaids, Alaska, pirates, woolly mammoth.

Performed at the Canadian One Act Play Festival, Newmarket ON, Nov. 2019

Selected for staged readings at: The Canadian Play Thing online (April 2020), Emerging Voices Theatre One Nanaimo (Feb. 2020), Suncor Stage One Festival of New Plays Lunchbox Theatre Calgary (June 2017) , Reader’s Theatre Festival Langham Court Victoria (May 2017)

Running Time: 55 minutes

Male Cast: 2

Female Cast: 2

Suitable for School Productions: Students 16+

Maximum Number of Roles: 9

Minimum Number of Roles: 4

Version 2 (2020 revision) features a brand new serial about Mermaids in Alaska!