Radioland '48 by Kirsten Van Ritzen


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Radioland '48 by Kirsten Van Ritzen

It’s 1948 and a radio station is about to be closed forever. The employees of CHLO desperately try to save their beloved studio, as romance blossoms between a pair of naïve ingenues, and a couple of cynical careerists. This fast-paced one-act romp is an homage to screwball romantic comedies, with a contemporary twist. An uproarious tale that takes a cheeky wink at women's roles in the workplace, amid other cultural changes. 

Cast: four actors plus voice-over roles that can be pre-recorded by the cast or by local celebrities. 
Set: the action primarily takes place in the radio station's recording studio; a small office and a pub around the corner can be suggested.

Keywords: radio, farce, comedy, romance, one act, broadcasting, historical, 1940, broad, dame, writers, voiceover, news, foley cart, serial

Running Time: 55 minutes

Male Cast: 2

Female Cast: 2

Suitable for School Productions: Students 16+

Maximum Number of Roles: 9

Minimum Number of Roles: 4