Queen Milli of Galt by Gary Kirkham

Samuel French

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Based on a true story. A lovely romantic comedy with a handy supply of humor, this play is a genuinely witty exploration of unexpected love. In 1972, the Duke of Windsor (Edward VIII) dies while living in exile at the age of 78. Two weeks later in Canada, an 80 year-old woman from a small town named Galt has her tombstone engraved, claiming to be his wife. A young journalist appears at her door, eager for answers. Flashback to 1919 as Edward, then holding the official title of the Prince of Wales, visits Canada as an emissary of the King. Bored with the pomp and circumstance, he slips away from his official duties and begins a romance with a charming young woman.

Winner of the 2004 Samuel French Canadian Playwriting Contest.

"...a breezy, witty, warmly romantic. One of the most promising new plays I have seen in the last five years!"--Robert Mitchell CBC Radio "...engaging, moving, well deserving of the standing ovation." -The Citizen.

First Produced: Première Production - Theatre & Company Kitchener, Ontario (Sept 2001).

Running Time: 135 minutes
Acts: 2

Male Cast: 2
Female Cast: 3
Total Cast: 5