Queen Marie by Shirley Barrie


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Queen Marie by Shirley Barrie

In spite of being large and not conventionally attractive, Cobourg-born Marie Dressler uses determination and talent to develop an energetic, self-deprecating style of comedy that propels her from touring obscurity to Broadway stardom. Unfortunately, she is often her own worst enemy and after the Great War both her stage career and personal life are in tatters. But in her late 50’s she is given a chance go to Hollywood. Re-energized by the challenges and joys of film, Marie defies expectations again and becomes a huge star in depression-ravaged America. But she never enjoys uncomplicated success for long. With music, comedy and drama Queen Marie celebrates a unique performer while revealing the joy and pain that lie beneath the performance.

Year Printed: 2017
First Produced: 2012 at 4th Line Theatre, Millbrook, ON.
Acts: 2
Male Cast: 20
Female Cast: 13
Public Comments:
This is the PERFORMANCE version of the script for productions.
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Keywords: comic drama with music, 1883 - 1934, Marie Dressler, physical comedy, self-deprecating humour, theatre, silents, talkies, ambition, misplaced love, fighting injustice, daring, poor judgement, women friends, loss, re-invention