Preschool by David L. Young


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Preschool by David L. Young

Six overgrown infants romp around the stage 'playing' at being a fireman, a ballerina, a nurse, a rock and roll star, an actress, and a hockey player - all secure in their own individual worlds, memories, and dreams as dictated by "Doc" (a slightly sinister white-coated authority figure). Is this real, or have we been watching a session of regression therapy (with a wild twist at the end)? A fast paced ensemble piece, dealing with the sham and shame of growing up, the child inside, and the manner in which we all submit ourselves to authority and obedience.
Year Printed: 1999
First Produced: 1987, S&M Productions, Vancouver Little Theatre, Vancouver, BC
Running TIme: 45 minutes
Acts: 1
Male Cast: 4
Female Cast: 3