Pleasureville by Ellen Denny


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Pleasureville by Ellen Denny

What’s a city gal to do when she gets dumped, reno-victed, and has zero job prospects? Move to a small town and open a sex shop! Millennial Leah Bowman may have more experience with emojis than running a business, but she's got a Masters in Human Sexuality, and a mission to destroy the stigma on female pleasure… The problem? Her only customer is a local granny named Rose, who talks her way into a job. As bankruptcy looms, Leah is inspired to organize the town’s first Women’s March, dubbed the ‘Pleasureville Pussy Riot’. Orders for hand knit pussy hats pour in! But after the event, Leah's best friend Ash has their own take on feminism’s hottest accessory, and its exclusion of the trans and non-binary experience. With Leah’s first taste of success comes a bitter truth: Has she already lost sight of her lofty ideals?

Inviting us all to discover our blindspots - this warm comedy is bursting with heart as its characters learn to claim their power and their pleasure.

First produced by Neptune Theatre, Halifax, NS, October 2019

Keywords:  comedy, feminism, allyship, small town, sex, friendship, multigenerational, women, empowerment, gender, non-binary

Genre: Contemporary comedy
Run time: 90 minutes
Acts: 2
Female roles: 2
Other roles: 1
Cast size: 3 actors
"Pleasureville is a breath of fresh air. Ellen Denney’s new comedy is a crowd-pleasing, heartwarming play that also incidentally deals with gender fluidity, sexuality, and intersectional feminism. Take your mother, take your grandmother. Heck, take all the men in your life, too. There is something in Pleasureville for everyone."
- Michael Lake, The Coast