Pity Me, Pity You by Michael L. Poirier


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Pity Me, Pity You by Michael L. Poirier

Mathew Crowley has graduated and wants to go to university to become an engineer. He doesn't qualify for grants or bursaries and his parents can't afford to pay his way. The only option available is to join the Army and let them pay for his education after he's served his duty. Walter Crowley, Matt's father, fell off a ladder cleaning the eavestrough and can't work. Compounding the issue is the fact that he is addicted to prescription medication. Matt's mother, Edith, doesn't want him to join up; she's scared that something terrible will happen to him. Edith passes away from cancer three months after Matt joins the army. When he comes home for the funeral, he's already showing signs of PTSD and wants nothing more to do with the armed service. Forced back to Afghanistan, he is injured a year later. He returns home a bitter and beaten young man. The psychological damage to a soldier in combat is everlasting, and all too often, lethal.

Keywords: Dark, PTSD, suicide, drama, family

Year Printed: 2013
Running TIme: 90 minutes
Acts: 2
Male Cast: 3
Female Cast: 1