Pirates Don't Babysit! by Barb Scheffler


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Pirates Don't Babysit! by Barb Scheffler

“Pirates Don’t Babysit!” tells the story of nine year old Jenny and a band of Pirates who show up at her door, looking for buried treasure. She agrees to help them on two conditions. They must make her a member of their pirate band, and most importantly, they must help take care of her baby sister. But pirates don't babysit! They agree to try, but of course the bumbling Pirates mess everything up. Finally they manage to succeed in making the baby happy. And in fact, it is the baby that helps them find their treasure in the end! 

First produced at the Fringekids Festival, George Ignatieff Theatre, 2016

Keywords: pirates, children, kids, comedy, babysitting

Genre: Comedy, Children's Theatre
Run time: 35 minutes
Male cast: 3
Female cast: 4