Pinkerton Comes To Prospect by Jamie Williams


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Pinkerton Comes To Prospect by Jamie Williams

Doc Hennessy is in trouble, deadly trouble. Tallahassee Trigger, wanted outlaw and gunslinger, is coming for him . Too tied down to the Town of Prospect where he is mayor, sheriff and dentist, Doc's only option is to hire a proxy gunfighter, William Pinkerton of the world famous Pinkerton National Detective Agency: problem is he's got no money. So, turning to his only family, his niece Lacey, for the money- without her knowing- seems the best plan… until Lacey catches him with the key to her safety box. Angry and betrayed yet unable to leave him in a lurch Lacey gives over. All they have to do now is wait and hope Pinkerton arrives before Trigger does. But when the unexpected surveyor and cartographer Herschel Penkerten arrives first, feverish with an abscessed tooth, amidst the panic and chaos a misunderstanding takes place. Doc, Lacey, and Amos the town drunk, take Penkerten for Pinkerton.

Hypnosis, love, death, gold, and finding out what you really stand for, drive this fast paced high action western comedy that careens ridiculously towards the inevitable showdown with the infamous and deadly Tallahassee Trigger .


Keywords: Comedy, Western, Family, Physical, Action

Genre: Comedy

Run time: 110 minutes
Male roles: 4
Female roles: 2
Suitable for students 8+