Peter Pan by Gail Bowen


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Peter Pan by Gail Bowen

The Traveler, a man in late middle age uses story to take him back to Neverland, the place where as a boy, he was happiest. In the darling Family, the Traveller finds the perfect vehicle to carry him back, to boyhood. Wendy Darling is rebelling against the demands of growing up. Peter Pan has grown enchanted with the stories Sylvie Darling tells, and he lures Wendy and her young brother John into flying back to Neverland with him where they will never grow up and always have adventures. Wendy and John are thrilled by the chance to duel with pirates and defeat Captain Hook, but ultimately they are ready to return home. They take the Lost Boys with them so all of them can embark on the greatest adventure of all: growing up.

Keywords: aging, growing up, pirates, Peter Pan, adventure, Lost Boys, Neverland

Running Time: 78 minutes

Male Cast: 8

Female Cast: 2

Double Cast: 3

Musicians: 1

Suitable for School Productions: Students 10+

Maximum Number of Roles: 10

Minimum Number of Roles: 10