Panda Panda by Leanna Brodie


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Big Bunny, working for the Animal Liberation Front, has kidnapped Petal, the last panda on earth. She will be held ransom for the good of the animal revolution! At least, that's the story we start with: a standard panda-in-peril tale. Then the entire theatre, from actors to young audience, is taken hostage for a very different cause: the scientist Annette Bonno has discovered that laughter has mutated into a deadly disease, so she must save the audience from comedy, before it's too late! A delightfully madcap Larry Tremblay adventure for children and families that pays homage to silent film comedy, even as it raises questions about power, and where we get our information, and whom we can trust.

Year Printed: 2013

First produced in 2005 at Theatre en l'Air, Montreal, QC.
Translation of a play by Larry Tremblay
Running TIme: 60 minutes
Acts: 1

Male Cast: 3
Female Cast: 1