Pals by Seymour Blicker


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Teddy Regan, an ex-boxer and nightclub bouncer is hired to kill someone by Vince Laneer, the right-hand man of mob boss, Bobby Donnelly. Teddy wants to enlist the help of his closest friend, Jerry Skylar. Jerry, who is trying to break away from a life of violence tries to persuade Teddy to forego the contract, but Teddy won’t be dissuaded, even after learning that the intended victim is Tommy Troy, someone with whom he grew up.
Later, when Tommy is shot and killed, Jerry assumes that Teddy did it, but Teddy convinces him that it was someone else. However, he plans to take credit for the ‘hit’ and collect the ten-thousand dollar balance of payment. Teddy meets with Jerry in a deserted Bar where he is waiting for Laneer to arrive with the balance of payment. Teddy asks Jerry to back him up in case of trouble, but Jerry refuses. When Laneer arrives at the Bar, and informs Teddy that his boss, Donnelly, has decided not to pay the balance for the killing, things quickly begin to get out of hand.
Year Printed: 2012
First produced in 1997 at Theatre Row Theatre, New York City, NY.
Running TIme: 110 minutes
Acts: 2

Male Cast: 6