Our Ghosts by Sally Stubbs

Scirocco Drama

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Our Ghosts by Sally Stubbs

What if a fighter jet vanishes in 1956 and, after a brief inquiry by the Royal Canadian Air Force, it is decided that the plane and its two pilots are at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean and, thus, gone: case closed? What if the young wife of one of the pilots refuses to accept that her husband is dead? What if, years later, it becomes clear that the plane crashed in the wild Callaghan Lake country near Whistler Mountain and the pilots, or at least one of them, survived that crash and maybe, just maybe, could have made it out and home if the official response had been less hasty?

Inspired by the mysterious disappearance of the playwright’s pilot-father in a routine flight from the Comox Base on Vancouver Island, Our Ghosts is at once a taut investigative tale, a moving testament to the love and tenacity of a woman determined to uncover the truth, and a daughter’s journey toward learning to live with her ghosts.

Male roles: 2

Female roles: 3

“Immensely moving…opens a space for belief.” — Martin Kinch, director, co-founder of Toronto Free Theatre, Exec Director Emeritus of Playwrights Theatre Centre