Other Schools of Thought by Morris Panych


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Other Schools of Thought is a collection of three unique plays that allow adult audiences to reflect on their past and young audiences to reflect on their future. With stark sets and minimalist presentational styles, they leave no room for condescension—for dismissal of “adult concerns” by the young. In their treatment of sexuality, substance abuse, AIDS and identity crises, these plays open up the common ground between young adults and old children, mapping the personal uncertainties unleashed by everyone’s contemplation of life’s “big questions.” They are ruthlessly honest enough to permit us to see that adult responses of young people to the questions of their future. If these plays are “plays for young adults,” they are so only in the sense that Romeo and Juliet is a play for young adults.

Year Printed: 2015

Life Science

Produced by Green Thumb Theatre.

Year printed: 1994


Two high-school seniors search for themselves and each other in the debris of their own social construction.

Year Printed: 1994
Acts: 1
Male Cast: 2
Female Cast: 2

The Cost of Living

A video extravaganza exploring the true nature of relationships, respect for yourself and others, and the struggle to understand sexuality, AIDS and social responsibility.

Year Printed: 1994
Acts: 1
Male Cast: 1
Anthology: Other Schools of Thought