Oh Manny by Lucia Frangione


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Three fools wait for an audience on Christmas eve to tell their nativity. Guff hates Christmas and drinks far too much egg nog, Buffoona is anxious to know whether Santa will know where to find her stocking because they travel so much and Follie despises Santa and wishes the other two would honour the true story of Emmanuel and not get caught up in commercialism or despair. When the audience does arrive they whip into action, telling their version of the nativity while playing out their own hopes and wishes for the season.
Year Printed: 2017
First Produced: Pacific Theatre November 2016 Running TIme: 120 minutes
Acts: 2 Female Cast: 3
Other Cast: 3 Comments: The three fools must be capable of playing some instruments between the three of them. In the original production Follie played guitalele, Buffoona played ukulele and Guff played guitar. All three characters sing and sing in harmony. That said, the music can be done very simply, especially if you only have one actor who is quite good (in our case Buffoona) and the others can do simple strumming and general goofing around. Sheet music and mp3s of music upon request. This is a recent production and we are in the process of rewriting.