Off the Grid by John Spurway


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Off the Grid by John Spurway

Martha (Marty) is an architect anxious to learn more about self-sufficient houses so she can write a magazine article about living “off the grid”. Leonard is a loans officer who has reluctantly agreed to spend a week off the grid while Marty writes her article and they celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary. This is despite the loss of creature comforts such as TV, the internet and a flush toilet. Marty gets some guidance from their retired next door neighbour, Lowell, who has been living out in the middle of nowhere for two years. Leonard is initially wary of this unusual recluse, but his opinion changes as the week progresses.

Keywords: Comedy, sustainable, ecology, electricity

Year Printed: 2014

First produced by Theatre Orangeville, 2019.

Running Time: 90 minutes

Acts: 2

Male Cast: 2
Female Cast: 1