Night of Shooting Stars by Michael Armstrong


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Night of Shooting Stars by Michael Armstrong

Nat Williams is a private detective in Vancouver in 1957, at the height of the Cold War. It’s hot and he hasn’t worked in weeks. In his favorite Chinese restaurant, he meets a woman crying into her chop suey and his life is changed forever. Together, they embark on a dark journey across the country in search of her kidnapped son. This is a story of love and espionage, of train rides and car chases. A comedy, a tragedy, a romance. Great white noir.
“Espionage is not a game for children.”

Keywords: Noir, Cold War, detective, mystery, romance

Produced by Western Edge Theatre, Nanaimo BC, March 2007

Genre: Mystery
Acts: 2
Run time: 100 minutes

Cast size: 10 actors
Male roles: 6
Female roles: 4
Casting note: Play contains 15 roles, a number of smaller rules can be doubled.