The Next Salvation by Melissa Major


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PGC stage-ready script

SITA: Something happened to Sita while We were praying for number two hundred nine. We became so nostalgic of what we used to call “myself.” (Immediately, nervously) We are sorry to have mentioned the word. We are aware that it is forbidden and we repent.

In the year 2086, we are brought to a dystopian future where fresh food is a thing of the past, a minimum of 6 two-hour "petitioning" (prayer) sessions per day is the government law and it is forbidden to refer to oneself in first-person, an ultimately selfish and illegal act. The entire world must now refer to themselves as “we.” In constant threat of war, people have been convinced that their petitioning sessions are the only way to save the world and the responsibility is on their shoulders, in effect taking up the majority of their days.

Sita illegally visits her uncle Alton via laserjet to ask for his help in developing a scientific idea that she believes will change the world. The risks she takes to do so ultimately lead her to danger... is she acting with reason? Or has she been too brainwashed by the state to see the truth? Putting everyone she knows in jeopardy for the cause, she hopes she isn’t wrong.

SITA - Female, appears mid 30s
RAYMA - Female, appears mid 20s
ALTON - Male, appears late 60s

Year Printed: 2012
Running TIme: 30 minutes
Acts: 1
Male Cast: 1
Female Cast: 2