New Canadian Drama edited by Denis Salter

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New Canadian Drama edited by Denis Salter


Down For The Weekend by Frank Moher

Checkin' Out by Kelly-Jean Rebar

Swipe by Gordon Pengilly


Douglas Flint, in Frank Moher´s Down for the Weekend, " ... sensibly recognizes that he cannot follow the traditional values and modern way of life. He is not a farmer. He is a modern, alienated man who is restless, dissatisfied, frustrated, and destructive. For him, the fertility of both the land and the spirit lies frozen beneath the dead of winter; spring is as distant and elusive a goal as Vancouver."

"However, for Lindsay Andruchuk in Checkin´ Out, Albert is by no means a dead-end place: it is still a land of promise. in the traditional search to know oneself, she learns that the only limitations to personal freedom are her own lack of courage and her own lack of imagination."

Rooster, in Swipe, shares with Lindsay Andruchuk and Dougie Flint the desire to take responsibility for the deliberate, almost self-conscious, re-creation of his own character. He is guided by a quixotic vision of what is false and what is truthful."