Nested by Liz Best


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Nested by Liz Best

It’s been a long time coming but Elaine and David have sold the family home and are moments away from becoming empty nesters. Their three children are almost settled, Grandma Rose is moving to a retirement home and they’re about to start the next chapter of their lives. But what happens when one parent is more ready to move than the other? What happens when the kids want to remain kids? And where does Grandma Rose keep disappearing to? Nested begs to ask - Do kids ever really grow up and is parenting ever really finished?

Keywords: parents, downsizing, family, moving, empty nester

Produced by Alumnae Theatre, Toronto ON, March 2022

Genre: Comedy
Acts: 1
Run time: 80 minutes

Cast size: 6 actors
Male roles: 2
Female roles: 4
Casting notes: Parents - 50's/early 60's, Kids - early 20's, Grandmother - 80's