Mrs. Dexter and Her Daily by Joanna McClelland Glass


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For the past ten years Edith Dexter has employed Peggy Randall as her housekeeper. Now the time has come for them to part ways: Mrs. Dexter is moving from her large Toronto home after a difficult divorce. The women prepare the house for potential buyers and simultaneously reflect on their pasts and fears of growing old alone. Though very different in class and culture, their lives have become closer than either expected, struggling with failed marriages, illiteracy and privilege. A story of love, loss, and betrayal. Mrs. Dexter and Her Daily is a candid portrait of two elderly women as they tread on their senior years.

Keyword: Toronto, class-clash, aging
Year Printed: 2015
First Produced: 2010 by the Arts Club Theatre Company at the Stanley Industrial Alliance Theatre in Vancouver, BC.
Running TIme: 120 minutes
Acts: 2
Female Cast: 2
Casting Notes: The play requires two powerful actresses in their sixties.