Mr. Begin by Gabriel Emanuel


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Mr. Begin by Gabriel Emanuel

Mr. Begin is a one man play with multi-media that tells the story of Israel's 6th and most controversial Prime Minister, Menahem Begin.

From the Holocaust which claimed his family to the days of the Soviet gulag where he was sentenced to 8 years to the underground movement which he led in a revolt against the British colonial authorities in Palestine, Menahem Begin was an almost superhuman force to be dealt with and only on his terms. Always his own man, he made peace with Egypt and destroyed the Iraqi nuclear reactor then being built by Saddam Hussein. " A lesson in leadership for challenging times, Mr. Begin" is laced with sardonic humour and reveals a little known but compelling love story between Begin and his wife of 43 years, Aliza.

Winner, The Prime Minister's Prize, Jerusalem, Israel (May 2022)
First Produced: July 2013 at the Menahem Begin Heritage Centre, Jerusalem, Israel.

Genre: Drama
Run Time: 60 minutes
Acts: 1

Male Cast: 1

Cover art photographer Yonatan Blum. Actor pictured is Danny Steg as Israeli Prime Minister Menahem Begin.