Mozzie by David Simmonds


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Mozzie by David Simmonds

A conversation between two gay married men and a third uninvited and unwelcome ‘guest’. It takes place in a B & B the two men have visited on vacation for the past eight years. The familiar location acts as a confessional, providing a common ground to air and purge their differences and rekindle their commitment to each other. However, their vacation this year coincides with the time of an impending sickness carried by a species of rogue mosquito. This virus causes a fever with early symptoms of degenerative morbidity. Mozzie, the third character is visible in human form ONLY to the audience.

Keywords:  Two gay men hashing over the differences in their marriage. Witnessed by a life size mosquito. The threat of virus. A reflection of an impending pandemic. Dress to survive or you could die!

Genre: Dark Comedy
Acts: 1
Run time: 40 minutes

Male roles: 2

Female roles: 1