Motifs & Repetitions & Other Plays by C.E. Gatchalian

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Motifs & Repetitions & Other Plays by C.E. Gatchalian

A finalist for the Lambda Literary Award, Motifs & Repetitions & Other Plays marks the publishing debut of one of North America's most exciting new playwrights. The title play is a racy, comical, and ultimately shattering portrait of young love; Hands traces the disintegration of a bitter and divided family; Claire is a dark, Sartrean meditation on the brutal power structures in relationships; and Star is a brief but bracing monologue about the nature of obsession. With his minimalist settings and spare, rhythmical dialogue, C. E. Gatchalian creates a dark, claustrophobic world where sex, love and obsession mix to form terrifying realities. Although Gatchalian has been compared to British playwright Sarah Kane and his work bears the imprint of masters like Beckett, Albee and Mamet, the impression left by these plays is that of a writer whose voice is entirely his own.The book includes a foreword by renowned Canadian playwright Bryan Wade.


Motifs & Reptitions