More Coffee? by Michael L. Poirier


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More Coffee? by Michael L. Poirier

Bent Nail Dinner - A roadhouse cafe, twenty-five miles from anywhere on a back road to rural B.C. It's a very low-end eatery with little regard for health standards and even less for customer satisfaction. There are a few ranches in the area and a decrepit trailer park next door. Logging is the primary employer. The current owner has no people skills what-so-ever and minimal cooking abilities. Beatrice, the lone waitress. has learned to deal with customers in her own unique way. the retired couple that own the trailer park and Bea's two children, break up the monotony of a Saturday. Only starvation or communal socializing would entice anyone to enter and stay for a meal in this restaurant.

Keywords: comedy, drama, hillbilly

Year Printed: 2016
Running TIme: 85 minutes
Acts: 2
Male Cast: 6
Female Cast: 5