Monologues & Short Plays by Peter Anderson


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Monologues & Short Plays by Peter Anderson

A woman rants about the losers she has dated, a public speaker spirals down a metaphysical rabbit hole, an actor tries to understand how they ended up playing a corpse on an American TV show, a young person copes with racism in his suburban neighborhood during the 1967 Detroit riots, an Irish tenant farmer in the late 1890’s details the brutalities visited upon her family by the British.

An eclectic collection of eleven monologues and short plays (including two micro-operas and one song cycle) written between 1989-2019, ranging in length from ten to fifteen minutes each, this anthology features Audition Piece, Public Speaking, Toast, Who Do You Think You Are, Air, Torment, Picture Window, Aftermath, Opera Bouffe, Four Horses and Evicted.

Keywords: opera, monologue, sex, art, racism, gun violence, drinking, Ireland, surreal, riots, metatheatre, solo, dreams, Detroit, music business, afterlife, marriage, climate change, acting, film, family

Run timed: 10-15 minutes each
Content note: Contains swearing

Cast sizes: 1-3 actors
Casting note: These pieces are to be performed by between one and three people. In most cases, age, gender, and background are open to interpretation.

Cover art by Peter Anderson.