Molly's Veil by Sharon Bajer

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Molly's Veil by Sharon Bajer

Molly’s Veil by Sharon Bajer is about the relationship between former Ottawa mayor Charlotte Whitton and her partner of 30 years, Margaret Grier. It premiered at Prairie Theatre Exchange in Winnipeg in February 2005 and enjoyed an excellent run, exceeding projected box office levels and garnering glowing reviews from media and audiences alike. A Canadian story with a cast of five, including excellent roles for women over 40, this is a play that has tremendous public appeal. It has had subsequent productions at Festival Antigonish and Western Canada Theatre Company. Based on the archival letters of Charlotte Whitton, this is an Ottawa love story that will have tremendous resonances in a time when gay marriage is finally a reality.

Keywords: Charlotte Whiten, Ottawa, gay marriage, love, letters, women, Canadian

Year Printed: 2018

First Produced: Premiered Feb. 24, 2005, Prairie Theatre Exchange, Winnipeg

Acts: 2

Running Time: 130

Female Cast: 5

Male Cast: 2

Audience Age: General Audience
Suitable for School Performances: Students age 14+