Misunderstood: The Life and Times of Nina Simone by Gabriel Emanuel


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Misunderstood: The Life and Times of Nina Simone by Gabriel Emanuel

"Misunderstood" (The Life and Times of Nina Simone) portrays the dramatic life of one of the the most powerful voices - and certainly the most powerful female voice - associated with the U.S. Civil Rights movement. "Misunderstood" also portrays the very troubled, personal life of the black, American singer and virtuoso pianist who, while achieving great fame and recognition as the "High Priestess of Soul", suffered through an abusive marriage, a strained relationship with family members and was so traumatized by racism that she ultimately chose to live most of her adult life outside the United States. 
"Misunderstood" unfolds live on stage with a vocal singing performance by Ms Simone (backed by a live band) which she freely interrupts to both harangue the audience - which she was wont to do - and to delve into episodes in her life which are variously revealing, shocking, amusing and thought provoking.
The play is an intimate encounter with one of the most compelling singers and personalities of modern times.

Keywords: Nina Simone, Civil Rights, Racism

Genre: Musical Drama

Original work incorporating several songs written by and or made famous by Nina Simone.
Run Time: 80 minutes
Acts: 1
Female roles: 1
Non-actor roles: 4 musicians
Note: One of the male musicians also has a small acting part