Misty Lake by Darrell Racine and Dale Lakevold

Scirocco Drama

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Misty Lake by Darrell Racine and Dale Lakevold

Misty Lake tells the story of a young Metis journalist from Winnipeg who travels to a Dene reserve in Northern Manitoba to conduct an interview with a former residential school student. What Mary imparts in her interview will change Patty’s life profoundly, allowing the journalist to make the connections to her own troubled life in the city. Patty knows that her Metis grandmother went to residential school when she was a girl. But Patty hasn’t understood until now that she’s inherited the traumatic legacy of residential school that was passed down to her mother from her grandmother. With this new understanding, Patty embarks on a healing journey. It will take her to the Dene fishing camp at Misty Lake, a place of healing, where, with Mary, she will learn that healing begins when you can talk about your life.

Cast size: 4 actors, 1 musician
Male roles: 2
Female roles: 2
Musician roles: 1 (drummer)