Miss 'n Me by Catherine Banks


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Miss 'n Me by Catherine Banks

One morning Dawna, a wife, mother and hairdresser from Bridgewater N.S., wakes up to a message in the sky. Clearly the universe is telling her that today is the day she is suppose to drive to NYC to give Missy Elliot, her idol, the M.E. @ Liberty hair design she has spent months creating in her basement salon. According to her timeline she can get to NYC, ambush Missy's stylist, give Missy the design and be back in time for her 25th anniversary party at the Bridgewater firehall the next evening. Stealing her husband's plumbing van she sets off but weird and wild characters, also with messages for her, start popping up, Lulu from 25th Do or Die, Eggo Man, her dead parents as CLOWNS and many more. Miss N Me is a road trip play with hip hop beats about a woman coming into her own at last and, well, it all raps up at the end. 

Please note this can also be cast with as many as 16 actors.

Year Printed: 2013

Keywords: Missy Elliot, wife, mother, clowns, hip hop, raps
Running Time: 90 minutes

Male Cast: 2
Female Cast: 2

Double Cast: 13