Miss Chatelaine by Damien Atkins


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"miss chatelaine" is a one person, 46 character play about a young man on the brink of adulthood. George, 20 years old, is preparing for a blind date. Over the course of 75 fast paced minutes, he evaluates various role models, challenges his own notions of masculinity and femininity, and gradually finds the strength to clear a space amongst the clutter of adult life to truly be himself. A post "coming out" play.

Keywords: gay, coming out, kd. lang, vocal masque, fringe, theatre passe muraille, Damien Atkins, Atkins
Year Printed: 2011
First Produced: 1999 at Theatre Passe Muraille, Toronto, ON.
Running TIme: 75 minutes
Acts: 1
Male Cast: 1