Miracle on 34th Street - A Radio Play by John Cook


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Miracle on 34th Street - A Radio Play by John Cook

Adapted from the novel by Valentine Daves, written in collaboration with Teri Loretto-Valentic & Nicole Milne.

This is a radio play, where the theatre audience is transported back to the Golden Age of radio, where words, music and sound effects alone tell the story.

Miracle on 34th Street is a classic tale of believing in something when common sense tells you not to. Kris Kringle is a kindly old man hired by Macy’s department store as their Santa. When he starts directing shoppers to other stores, for items not available at Macy’s, most people see this as the true spirit of Christmas. Others don’t, especially when he claims to actually be the real Santa. He ends up being put on trial for lunacy, and it is up to his friend Fred Galey to prove that Kris is indeed the one and only Santa. A great, family-orientated story for all ages.

Produced by Gladstone Theatre, Ottawa ON, December 2012.

Keywords: Christmas, Kris Kringle, Santa Claus, Macy's, Miracle,
Genre: Drama, Adaptation
Run time: 75 minutes
Acts: 2
Suitable for students 14+
Maximum # of roles: 27
Minimum # of roles: 10
Note: As this is a radio play, there is no clear and cut number of cast members. The numbers listed here are suggestions only. There are 27 characters, (some with only a few lines) allowing for many multiple roles. As well, in some cases, a female actor could play the role of a male and vise versa.