Midnight Madness by Dave Carley


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Midnight Madness by Dave Carley

It's just minutes before midnight at Bloom's Furniture's going-out-of-business sale. Wesley is the manager of the bed department and he is closing up for the last time... 

And then a blast from his past trips up the stairs. When Anna Bregner arrives in Wesley's lonely domain, she has no idea that the salesman is a former classmate. But Wesley remembers her all too well - he has kept tabs on all his former classmates. Anna, despite some early bumps, has managed to put herself through law school and has returned home to Ashburnham, to set up practice. The beginning of her career coincides with the end of Wesley's.

Anna and Wesley recall the humiliating events that drove them both from High School before graduation. They come to the realization that the burdens of guilt they carry can finally be shed. 

And a little romantic magic begins to blossom in that upstairs bed department...

Keywords: Romantic Comedy, Midnight Madness, Peterborough, High School Memories, Bullying, Teenage Pregnancy

Running Time: 75 minutes

Male Cast: 1

Female Cast: 1

Other Cast: 1