Mesingw by Jeff D'Hondt


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Mesingw by Jeff D'Hondt

Hunter Stowe, a gifted Lenape palliative care worker more comfortable with death than life, somehow connects with Jake Montour, an Aboriginal addictions counselor increasingly smothered by a panic disorder. Hunter, terrified by her emerging dark side, struggles with her troubled past as Jake becomes the ultimate test of her true nature. Who is Hunter Stowe: therapist, lover, or vengeance personified?

Keywords: Indigenous, grief, science fiction, romance, mental health

Produced at the Vancouver Fringe Festival, Vancouver BC, September 2013 and at Aki Studio, Toronto ON, June 2014

Genre: Drama
Run time: 75 minutes
Content notes: Contains swearing, depictions of drunkenness

Cast size: 2
Male roles: 1
Female roles: 1
Other roles: 1
Casting notes: Hunter's Father can be doubled by Jake or Hunter.

“Remarkable ... Carefully crafted and beautifully performed, with a message that always rings true — truth and trust are vital for any relationship to flourish."
--Monika Forberger, Entertainment Vancouver

“...A relationship of mutual challenge, boundless need, and reluctant revelation. The audience rides a see-saw as we witness first one, then the other, reveal the demons that are defeating them”
--Christian Steckler, Review Vancouver

"... D’Hondt has infused the play with laugh-out-loud lines, particularly with Hunter. Humour is her coping mechanism and she delivers it with fantastic flare ..."
-- Keely Kwok, The Charlebois Post