Mercutio & Ophelia by Nicholas Aymott


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Mercutio & Ophelia by Nicholas Aymott

A tale of two people who wish to carve their own path in life – their own destinies – by escaping the stories that would make them legends.

Mercutio is a brash young nobleman from Verona, as quick with his tongue as he is with a sword.
Ophelia is a young princess-to-be from Denmark – imaginative and idealistic, she believes that life should be a fairy tale: magical full of possibilities, and with a happy ending.

At a bar on the fringes of Italy, these two very different souls meet, by pure chance, for reasons that are very much the same: they are both running from the worlds they left behind – from events they know they cannot control: a deadly and fateful duel, a betrothal suddenly plunged into madness.

Together, they will write their own story.
But the forces of Fate are closing in - forces who believe that some stories should never be written.

Keywords: Shakespeare, love, relationships, spin-off, duty, destiny, Romeo, Juliet, Hamlet, two-hander, young adults

Running Time: 75 Minutes

Male Cast: 2

Female Cast: 1

Suitable for Schools: Students Age: 14+