Men Express Their Feelings by Sunny Drake


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Men Express Their Feelings by Sunny Drake

A comedy about hockey, culture and relationships. Two dads and their sons are sequestered to a hockey rink dressing room to sort out a critical situation. Amidst a series of wild misunderstandings and ridiculous antics, these guys get to know each other and themselves a whole lot better, while redefining what it means to WIN.

Men Express Their Feelings is structured like a game of hockey, into three periods, with instant replays and characters stepping out to commentate this high-stakes game of emotions.

Keywords: Men, boys, masculinity, hockey, sports, sexuality, culture, LGBT, queer, South Asian, Canadian, sexism, feminism, intergenerational, fathers, fatherhood, sons

Produced by Downstage with the generous support of Hit & Myth Productions, Calgary AB, 2020
Also produced by Zee Zee Theatre, Vancouver, March 2022 and 25th Street Theatre, Saskatoon & Regina, SK, March 2024

And as an audio drama adaptation (into 3 audio episodes), co-produced by Downstage Theatre, 2021

Genre: Comedy, Drama
Acts: 1
Run time: 85 minutes
Content note: Contains frank conversations about sex, occasional coarse language
Suitable for students 14+

Cast size: 4 actors
Male roles: 4
Casting note: 
RAJ: 17 years old. South Asian Canadian (born in Canada). The goaltender.
BRAD: 17 years old. White Canadian (born in Canada). The Captain.
MR SHARMA: 42 years old. Moved to Canada from India in his early 20s. Class privileged North Indian accent, sounding somewhat British. Lawyer turned driving instructor.
MR BACON: 44 years old. White Canadian (born in Canada). Cell phone kiosk manager.
OPTIONAL CHARACTER - MASCOT/ HOT DOG: A team mascot or someone dressed as a hot dog for the “game intermissions”.


"An instant Canadian classic" - Calgary Herald

"Should be produced at every regional theatre in Canada, not just because it juggles so many insights into the notions of masculinity but because it is wildly, unabashedly funny" - Calgary Herald (Canada)

"Exudes wit and authenticity" - Van City Vince (Vancouver)

"You wouldn’t want to miss this" - 5X Press (Vancouver)

"A terrific ride... Smart but unpretentious" - Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight (Vancouver)


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