Meditations of Guido Kowalski by Irene Saharov


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The bank is about to foreclose on Guido, a bar owner. His patrons too have problems. Sebastian, who has been a Boy Scout all his life, lost his wife and his beloved parrot in a house fire. Mike, a total scumbag, won 36 million dollars and abandoned his loyal, long suffering wife to go a world cruise with Tootsie. “Why do bad things happen to good people?” asks Guido. In fact throughout the play, Guido breaks the fourth wall to address the audience and analyze what is happening on stage. “People come to see comedies when they want to unplug their brains, sit back and laugh -- as if comedies aren’t supposed to make you think!” Guido believes that comedies should be realistic. The other characters in the play disagree. Everyone's luck changes in the final scene when Mike , while visiting a Buddhist monastery, repents and sends Dora half his 37 million. Dora shares the wealth with all the other characters. Guido gets his share and does not object to the happy ending. 

Year Printed:  2017
Fringe Festival Montreal June 8,12,15,16,17,18. Mission Santa Cruz , Montreal

Running Time:  75 minutes

Acts:  1

Male Cast:  4
Female Cast:  4