Maternal Combustion by Dyanna Jacklin


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Maternal Combustion by Dyanna Jacklin

It is the annual girls getaway for four best friends- Shauna, Quinn, Davey and Marcella. The ladies all meet at Marcella's luxury lake house to do the usual- gossip, gab and drink wine, except this year, the women have reached their breaking points. They are all keeping heavily guarded secrets, secrets that have been weighing them down, internally, for some time. In flashbacks from the previous year, the audience learns what they are struggling with as women, partners, friends and very importantly, as mothers. Maternal Combustion will take you on a very moving and very humour journey through the lives of four strong, powerful and unbreakable women.

Keywords: women, friendship, lake house, motherhood, abortion, drinking, weekend, getaway, parents

Genre: Comedy
Acts: 2
Run time: 90 minutes
Content note: This play deals with abortion. This play also discusses Acrotomophilia by a man who has lost his leg.

Cast size: 5 actors
Male roles: 1
Female roles: 4
Casting note:  All four women should be anywhere from their late 30s to early 50s. They can all be the same age or not.
The one male actor will play four roles throughout the play, all in flashbacks. He will have to play men of varying ages, so someone in their 40s is an ideal age for this role. Hair and makeup can be used to alter the appearance of the actor, but it is not meant to try and trick the audience in believing this is being played by four different people.