Marrow by Veronique West


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Marrow by Veronique West

In the aftermath of an eating disorder, two estranged sisters begin a ritual. As they delve into their conflicted past, they expose each other's fault-lines. "Marrow" weaves words and images from witchcraft trials with the psychological landscapes of two contemporary women, interrogating assumptions about mental health, feminism, victimhood and agency. 

First produced by Resounding Scream Theatre & Alley Theatre, September 2016

Keywords: mental health, feminism, mad arts, eating disorders, women, witch, family

Genre: Drama
Run time: 60 minutes
Acts: 1
Female roles: 2
Note: "Female" includes trans and cis women, as well as non-binary individuals. 
" There’s a whole lot of intelligence and talent here... West’s script interrupts domestic scenes with interludes that explore the rituals of bulimia and witchcraft and the shades of victimization and empowerment in both."
- Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight
" Marrow explores eating disorders with honesty and nuance. There are no easy answers here, no easy definitions of feminism, and no easy ideas as to what it means to be a victim, what it means to be a survivor. "
- Meghan Bell, Room Magazine
" Marrow is a play that does more than entertain, it challenges the audience to think. The script left me contemplating competition between people who, in ideal circumstances, would be each other’s champions. The play spoke to identities we inhabit relative to our siblings, forgiveness, mental health and more."
- Sagal Kahin, Sad Magazine