Look Twice It's Your Wife by Marvin Ishmael


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Look Twice It's Your Wife by Marvin Ishmael

A taxi driver's life starts falling apart when he stops to assist a mugging victim and finds his world of being married to two very different women collapsing. The fast paced play with Caribbean rhythms, language leaves you on the floor with non stop laughter. The hero is Mootilal Singh and his side kick, Bloods, his best friend who attempts to help him cover up his mistakes , only to drag them further into a never ending whirlwind of trouble and mistaken identity.

First produced by The Renaissance Theatre Company, San Fernando

Keywords: comedy; Caribbean: two wives; farce; infidelity; mistaken identity;
Acts: 2
Genre: Comedy, Adaptation
Run time: 110 minutes
Male roles: 4
Female roles: 4
Double roles: 1
Suitable for students 16+