Local Diva by Liam Salmon


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Local Diva by Liam Salmon

LOCAL DIVA is a story told by the fictitious diva Tragidean. Their trials, their struggles, their stories. Growing up gay in a catholic school, working the drag circuit, and living through the provincial election. Until it all comes to an explosive conclusion.

Keywords: Gay, Jason, Kenney, Jason Kenney, Alberta, Queer, Drag, Queen, Drag Queen, Catholic, Coming Out, Out, Coming, Bar, Violence, Homophobia, Doug, Ford, Doug Ford, Donald, Trump, Trump, Politic, Politics

First produced by Low Hanging Fruit, Edmonton, 2019

Genre: Drama
Run time: 45 minutes
Acts: 1
Male roles: 1
" Local Diva is important theatre. It’s amazing theatre."
" Local Diva is an incredible gem that should not be missed."