Living in the Spaces by Rod Hayward


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Living in the Spaces follows the relationship between Midge, a feisty nine-year-old, and William, a reclusive Conservatory student. Through ten years of piano lessons, a close bond develops between them, one that will change both their lives. Midge grapples with her parents’ divorce and the death of a beloved grandfather, then at thirteen with a crush on William that will have serious consequences. Six years later, we find Midge, now an accomplished pianist, preparing her first public recital as she struggles with performance anxiety that threatens her nascent career. However, in the end it is the emotionally vulnerable William who emerges as the more wounded of the two and Midge who will help him to escape the paralyzing legacy of an overbearing mother and absent father. Living in the Spaces celebrates the power of the teacher-student relationship and the inherent dangers that can complicate that relationship.

Keywords: teach, student, piano, music, lesson
Year Printed: 2015
First Produced: 2015 at Globe Theatre, Regina, SK.
Running TIme: 100 minutes
Acts: 3
Male Cast: 1
Female Cast: 1